German is a vicious dog. Once you tame it, it'll turn into a lovely pup.

speakeasy vernissage 28 November

speakeasy ballon bw Our current exhibition shows the work of a chilean and a german artist.  Sophie Jackson and Inknut.
Come along and have a look at it and maybe buy a piece of these lovely pics.

speakeasy ballon bw

NEW at speakeasy sprachzeug : semi-intensive courses!!! All levels from A1 to B2.
Choose your best time. 175 EUR/month

german is a vicious dog

speakeasy ballon bw Secure your place for the new year now!

speakeasy sprachzeug – the place for languages on Boxhagener Strasse.



From the start, speakeasy sprachzeug has held the belief that learning languages can be fun. That it can be exciting. And that you can and do learn better in a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere than in the oft drab settings typically associated with learning establishments. They say if you pursue a dream with passion, you will be successful: and thus speakeasy sprachzeug was born.

The founders of speakeasy sprachzeug had a clear vision of what they wanted: The new language school should be different to all other language schools. They developed a concept that would place the interests and peculiarities of the pupils at the centre of everything. To understand the lives of the pupils and how they live is instrumental to understand how to teach them. Only then can we introduce vocabulary, grammar, etc. It's a question of perspective, that is quite different to the norm. That's the speakeasy spirit.

Is this just some kind of crazy idea? Maybe. So what?

The centrepiece of speakeasy sprachzeug is the German classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Here, those that are young and young at heart can learn the basics according to each level or can delve into the finer points of the language. Also, hurdles that you thought were too great to overcome can be tackled with the right amount of fun and openness to make them seemingly easier.

At speakeasy sprachzeug you can also learn Spanish, French, Portuguese and even Chinese. Finally, if you have an unusual or unconventional request, we're all ears! You've come to the right place!


speakeasy sprachzeug is the place for languages in the Boxhagener neighbourhood, in Friedrichshain. The home of the speakeasy spirit. The friendly and familiar atmosphere of the place can be felt from the moment you walk through the door. At the core of this place is a passion for languages and their associated cultures. Boredom has no place within these walls, let the fun begin!

speakeasy sprachzeug in Berlin-Friedrichshain is a language school, a translation agency and a correction workshop for people that want to tackle their language issues in an unconventional manner.




The competent use of foreign languages and flawless presentations in written and oral form are a prerequisite of today's economy. The aim is to develop the language skills of the individual employees so that they can confidently handle even sensitive and demanding tasks professionally and effectively.

speakeasy sprachzeug is aimed at business customers. We are your partner in Berlin-Friedrichshain for all kinds of language services.



Our customers:
AHA International Media GmbH, Iatros Verlag, DeutscheAnwaltAkademie, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V., Kindermusik International,
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, T-Online, Unicredit Group, What about Shoes

Our courses on offer in January 2015.
Enrollment period until the 19th of December.
Intensive courses  From A1.1 to B2.2 295 EUR / month
Mon-Thu 10:00-13:15
It takes two months to cover one level.
Semi-intensive courses  From A1.1 to B2.2 175 EUR / month
Mon & Fri 12:00-15:15
Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00-11:30
It takes three months to cover one level. Book three months all at once and pay only 495 €.
Evening courses  From A1.2 to B2.2 115 EUR / month
Mon & Wed 19:30-21:00
Tue & Thu 19:30-21:00
It takes four months to cover one level. Book four months all at once and pay only 430 €.
Open course*  C1 120 EUR / 10 lessons
Tue & Thu 19:30-21:00

* You can come to any session without previous notice. Du kannst zu jedem Termin einfach erscheinen, ohne dich vorher anzukündigen.

Evening classes 55 EUR / month
B2/C1 Mon 18:00-19:30
A2 Tue 18:00-19:30
B1 Wed 18:00-19:30
Evening classes 55 EUR / month
A1 Thu 18:00-19:30
B1 Wed 18:00-19:30
Evening classes 55 EUR / month
A1 Thu 18:00-19:30

course levels according to CEFR.

A1 You can survive.
A2 You can finally do your groceries and shopping without English.
B1 You can pick someone up in a bar.
B2 You can get yourself a job.
C1 You can talk philosophy.
C2 You’re amazing. You speak German like a native speaker.

Here you can find out your level for free: sprachtest.

And what’s all this fun going to cost you? Here are all of speakeasy sprachzeug’s prices at a glance.
Our course prices apply for one month and include everything: enrolment, learning materials, certificate (if requested) and even coffee, tea and water.

Portfolio of languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian und German as foreign language.

speakeasy sprachzeug individuals

1) Group lessons (4 – 10 people)

a) German
Intensive courses Mon–Thu, 180 mins/day per month 295 EUR
Evening classes 2×90 mins/week per month 115 EUR
Semi-Intensive Tue–Thu, 90 mins/day per month  175 EUR
Open course from C1 up to 2/week
Single-ticket 1×90 mins 17 EUR
10-session tickets 10×90 mins 120 EUR
b) Other languages
Evening classes 1×90 mins/week per month 55 EUR

2) One-to-one classes in all languages

One-to-one 1×60 mins 35 EUR
One-to-one 1×90 mins 45 EUR

3) Spritztour

Spritztour 3 hours per person 20 EUR


speakeasy sprachzeug business

1) Group lessons (2–8 people)

Group lessons 1×60 mins 60 EUR
Group lessons 1×90 mins 75 EUR

2) One-to-one classes

One-to-one 1×60 mins 50 EUR
One-to-one 1×90 mins 75 EUR

3) Translations

Flat-rate up to 300 words 37 EUR
from 300 words on per word 0.10-0.20 EUR

4) Proofreading

Norm page 1.500 chars incl. spaces from 3.70 EUR

5) Language trips to Brighton (England)

Prices vary according to length of stay, type of course and accomodation. We’ll send you an individual quote on request.


All prices under >>individuals<< include teaching material, enrolment fees and VAT.
All prices under >>business<< are exclusive of VAT.



All prices in one PDF.
current prices at speakeasy sprachzeug

Booking & Payment
To secure a seat in a course we recommend to make your payment for the course by the 20th of the previous month. We accept cash, bank/debit card, credit card, bank transfer.

Banking details
BLZ: 100 100 10
Kto: 38186106
IBAN: DE35 1001 0010 0038 1861 06
Reason for transfer: name, language, course, level

speakeasy sprachzeug is not only a language school but also gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the premises.

Here you can look at our past and current exhibitions.

Since speakeasy’s opening in 2010, fourteen times artists have put their artwork on display.

Currently, the works of Canadian artists, Joelle Gebhardt and Sarah Stein can be marveled at and bought in the exhibition, Stitch & Line.














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Boxhagener Straße 116 – 10245 Berlin
Mon-Thu 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:00 Fri 12:00-16:00


BLZ: 10010010

Kto: 38186106

IBAN: DE35100100100038186106


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