Private lessons English - classes arranged specifically for you

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If you're looking for tuition tailored exactly to your own requirements, you can register for private lessons English with speakeasy. With private tuition English lessons are also scheduled at whatever time suits you best.

Next to our regular foreign language courses for groups, we also offer one-to-one lessons in English, Spanish and Italian, where one teacher is assigned fully to a single student. The time schedule for these courses is not fixed and has to be individually agreed upon with the corresponding teacher. This way, we ensure that the final lesson plan fits specifically with the needs of the student and can be sped up or slowed down according to the progress of the lessons.

However, in order to ensure an optimal learning progress, we advise completing at least two teaching units per week. These can be arranged in sequence on the same day for additional efficiency.

Of course, as always at speakeasy, we charge no additional fees or hidden costs for our courses! There's no “registration fee”, no “participation confirmation fee” and no extra cost for the course materials distributed in class. The price for private tuition is available in our price chart.


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