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Businesses rise and fall on the strengths of their employees. And in today’s ever more global marketplace, there has never been a greater need for staff who can effectively communicate in multiple languages. speakeasy has the solution for you!

At speakeasy we are pleased to teach languages in-house in many companies across Berlin.

We work together with small Start-ups and larger, multinational companies, and thus have a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding the individual needs of companies and their employees. We are happy to formulate a course plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Business language courses - Just as you need it

Our company courses – online or at your office!

Why not use the current unprecedented situation to offer your employees professional training? Book appointments for your language course on a flexible month-by-month basis or benefit from our discounted course packages! We can organise your company course in two different formats:


Is your office closed due to Covid-19? Do your employees have to work remotely from home? Make the best of this situation and have your language classes in a virtual classroom! All your employees need is a computer with a good internet connection.

At your office

Our teachers are happy to come to your office. The only requirement is that the minimum distance of 1.50 meters can be kept between each participant and between the participants and the teacher.

Why speakeasy business courses?















Our business courses offer a very high degree of flexibility – the course content will be matched to your individual needs. Whether you need to prepare for a specific occasion such as an important business presentation or whether you want to boost your general language skills for an improved communication with your colleagues and customers – just let us know and we can make it happen.
Our experienced trainers share an enthusiasm for languages and a passion for teaching. They have degrees in subjects like German Philology, English Studies, Linguistics and other relevant areas of study. What distinguishes speakeasy from many other languages in Berlin is that many of our language trainers are permanently employed.
Besides a high teaching quality, we understand that the price is significant, too. This is why our speakeasy business language courses come at affordable rates. We also offer substantial discounts for long-term partners!
To maintain our high level of flexibility, we use hand-outs instead of course books. This allows us to tailor the material specifically to your needs. Our language trainers will bring the hand-outs with them. All hand-outs are already included in the course price! If you prefer to work with a course book, of course this is also possible.
Sometimes, things are more urgent than language classes. To cancel a class, just let us know before 12pm the day before your class!

What we can do for you

Our speakeasy business course concept is always built on the question: What do you need?

Business correspondence, everyday conversation with business partners or presentations in a foreign language – these are just some examples of what we can cover in our speakeasy business courses in Berlin. Our language portfolio includes German, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian – if you are interested in another language, we can make this possible, too!

Our business language courses in Berlin don’t have a minimum term - you alone decide how long your course should run for. If you like, you can decide anew every four weeks. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your language classes to a specific project or to continue long-term. We also offer specially discounted course packages for long-term courses.

With our speakeasy business language courses, your employees can improve their industry specific language skills to better communicate with customers, colleagues and business partners working in the same specialised field. Of course, it is also possible to enhance your employees’ general language proficiency or to combine both aspects.

Our qualified language trainers bring all the relevant material with them – or, if you wish so, we can also use your company’s very own material. This way, your employees are schooled in specific areas – exactly according to your needs.

Interested? Then get in touch using the simple form below and we'll get back to you with a quote for your business language course in Berlin!


All of our business courses in Berlin are planned according to the CEFR – a European framework that describes language competence in six levels from beginners to advanced. For a quick and easy assessment, we offer a free online language test. If you prefer a more detailed assessment, one of our language experts can assess individually for every employee what they are already good at and what they might have to practise some more. Our language experts can advise you and your employees if you are not sure which level you need.

speakeasy is proud to have a great team of committed language trainers, many of whom are permanently employed. Our speakeasy language trainers are native in the language they teach. They are experienced teachers who know how to impart their knowledge in a way that is both fun and easy to remember. Interesting activities and lively conversations are integral parts of our business language courses in Berlin which will keep your employees engaged and motivated.

Our language trainers all have an academic background and have spent time abroad themselves. This is why they are so good at understanding what it means to learn a foreign language. They bring this understanding into the classroom and create an atmosphere where you and your employees can feel comfortable to ask all the questions you might have about words, grammar and conversation rules.

If you want to see how our teachers work, we can set up a test lesson for you at your premises.

Praise for our Language Courses

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Our employees were very happy with the teachers. All teachers were well received by the groups and our employees enjoyed going to their classes.

Daniela Divjak


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What I liked most was the relaxed atmosphere and the small group of participants so that we all got the chance to speak!


NH - Hotelgroup

Business language course - Max-Planck-Institut logo

We have now worked with speakeasy for three years and are extremely happy with our choice! speakeasy has great teachers who can adapt to the group level and individual students.

Dr. Yara Reis


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We are pleased to offer our speakeasy business courses to various businesses from start-ups to big companies.

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