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telc - Dates and Fees

Here you can find all the important information about your telc exam:

telc exams always take place on Friday in our second course-week and on both Friday and Saturday in our third and the fourth course-weeks. In order to take an exam, you have to register for it, which is possible until 13pm on the Thursday 2 weeks prior to your exam. For example, if your exam is on a Friday, then the deadline to register is 15 days before your exam; if your exam is on a Saturday, then the deadline to register is 16 days before your exam. In the following chart, we summarised the dates and fees of all telc exams. Please note: the fee corresponds to the language level. The better your German gets, the longer the exam takes. This is why the advanced levels are a bit more expensive than the beginner levels.

Missed your registration? Last-minute registration is possible:

Book a telc examination up to 36 hours before the examination date - as long as there are still free spots available.


dates of telc exams

A1, C1
B1 & B2
C1 Hoch­schule
Klicke auf die Box, um sie zu schließen Die Termine mit (+E) bieten die Möglichkeit eine Eilkorrektur zu beantragen. Dadurch verkürzt sich die Bearbeitungszeit im Normalfall von 6 auf 3 Wochen. Die Eilkorrektur kostet 70€.
15.07.2022 (Friday)
22.07.2022 (Friday)
23.07.2022 (Saturday)
29.07.2022 (Friday)
30.07.2022 (Saturday)
12.08.2022 (Friday)
19.08.2022 (Friday)
20.08.2022 (Saturday)
26.08.2022 (Friday)
27.08.2022 (Saturday)
16.09.2022 (Friday)
23.09.2022 (Friday)
24.09.2022 (Saturday)
30.09.2022 (Friday)
01.10.2022 (Saturday)
14.10.2022 (Friday)
21.10.2022 (Friday)
22.10.2022 (Saturday)
28.10.2022 (Friday)
29.10.2022 (Saturday)
11.11.2022 (Friday)
18.11.2022 (Friday)
19.11.2022 (Saturday)
25.11.2022 (Friday)
26.11.2022 (Saturday)
09.12.2022 (Friday)
16.12.2022 (Friday)
17.12.2022 (Saturday)
22.12.2022 (Thursday)
23.12.2022 (Friday)

exam fees

telc A1
149 €
telc B1
179 €
telc B2
179 €
telc B1/B2 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
159 €
telc C1
199 €
telc C1 Hochschule
199 €
telc C1 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
179 €
Late Registration Fee
30 €
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