Meet the language teaching team

A language school is brought to life by its teachers. At speakeasy Berlin it's certainly the language teaching team who are responsible for delivering lessons by the speakeasy method – meaning practical, interactive, learning, focused on the individual needs of the students. And we like to think the language teaching team all embody the speakeasy spirit, just like the rest of the team at speakeasy – this means being warm, open-minded and fun.

The language teaching team creates the exciting interactive learning environment that we believe gets the best results. It's their jobs to make sure all students get the most they can from their classes – and have a good time doing so!

Our teachers themselves come from different backgrounds and have extensive experience teaching adults from around the world. Most of the language teaching team have taught at speakeasy for a long time, so they really are vital to what makes the school just what it is.

The teachers introduce themselves

Teacher Team - Kandice


Hi! I’m Kandice. I completed my master’s degree in Teaching German as a Foreign Language quite a few years ago here in lovely Berlin at Humboldt University. Ever since, I’ve been teaching German. I’d describe myself as a cheerful instructor – in my classes, we do a lot of singing and playing because I’m convinced it’s the most effective way to learn complex structures. My academic interests include contrastive linguistics and the acquisition of grammatical gender by learners whose native language doesn’t have this concept. I look forward to getting to know you all and teaching you German through having fun.

Teacher Team - Torsten


After studying Applied Theatre Studies (with a focus on literature) at university, I started off work as a dancer and an actor. After that, I spend a while working in publishing and the cultural sector.

During this time I managed an agency for artists and studied German as a Foreign language at the Goethe-Institute, from there I went to Brazil and taught German and English. Further stops of my life: born in the German Sauerland, lived and studied in Marburg, Gießen, Köln, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Paris…

Since coming back from South America, I work as a German teacher and Yoga instructor.

Teacher Team - Aleksandra


My Name is Aleksandra. You can learn german with me without stress, but with a lot of fun. Logical, intuitive and communicativ: so we can learn german together! Hope to see you soon!

Teacher Team - Claudia


My name is Claudia. What do I love about teaching? That the world meets in my classroom! I succeed in creating a positive and motivating atmosphere which even makes my students enjoy German grammar a little bit. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Teacher Team - Hanna


The German language has been my passion and profession for many years. After studying German Philology, Italian and philosophy in Germany and Italy, I started working as an editor and a German teacher. I started working for speakeasy Berlin in October 2017.

Due to my own time abroad, I know only too well that the language of a new country is the key to a whole new world: to its people, its culture, its history and its present. It is therefore the door to personal plans, wishes and hopes which we connect to this new world. I will happily support and accompany you for a part of your journey here in Germany.

Teacher Team - Lea


My name is Lea, I’m from and I’ve already lived in Berlin for some years. I studied German Philology and I enjoy reading, writing and dancing. Because I am very curious, I very much enjoy the exchange between many different people in my classroom and it is very exciting for me to accompany you during the process of your language learning. It’s fun to make my classes as true-to-life as possible – but my nerdy side has a keen interest for grammar which especially shows in the more advanced courses 😊.

Teacher Team - Maarten


Hallo! This is also how we greet each other in the Netherlands where I was born. As a Dutchman, I know what it means to learn German as a foreign language. I love languages, I studied ‘German Language and Culture’ and discovered Berlin in the process. I love this open and diverse city very much. I’ve lived here since 2014 with my German wife and since 2017 also with our two daughters. They are also learning German now – and hopefully also a little bit of Dutch!

Teacher Team - Nicola


It has always been crucially important in my life to work and deal with German language. After my studies of German Literature, Art and Media Science, I worked as a Dramaturg for several years in different theatres around Germany, such as Berlin and Saarbrücken. At speakeasy, I use my communication skills and enthusiasm for language to prepare you for the big stage we call ‘Berlin’. I look forward to getting to know you!

Teacher Team - Cordula


My name is Cordula and I'm from Köln/Cologne. I'm interested in the world, in other countries and other cultures. I spent the last few years living in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Every now and then, I miss being abroad - so I enjoy meeting people from all over the world here at speakeasy every day. I want you to feel comfortable in my class - so I encourage you to ask questions and make mistakes, that's the best way to learn!

Teacher Team - Annika


Hi! My name is Annika. After studying German language and literature at uni and spending some time teaching abroad, I now live in Berlin. Since 2015, I have taught German in the speakeasy classrooms as well as at several companies. If you fancy not only learning about the present and past tense but also about cook books, German beer and discovering Berlin, just come down to speakeasy! I look forward to meeting you all!

Teacher Team - Evelyn


How about a world without nominative, accusative, dative or genitive? Quite boring and down-to-earth. Who doesn’t want to be bored and wants to have an easy explanation of complicated German grammar (with a hint of humour) can join my classes.

Teacher Team - Katharina


Growing up in southern Bavaria, I soon decided that I wanted to live in other places and see the world. After four years in Leipzig – where I studied German and American Studies – I came to Berlin in 2017. Since I’ve always had a passion for languages, I wanted to not only learn but also be a teacher. This is why I started working at Speakeasy in September 2018. So if you’re interested in a German class with a Bavarian touch, feel free to stop by!

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