Meet the language teaching team

A language school is brought to life by its teachers. At speakeasy Berlin it's certainly the language teaching team who are responsible for delivering lessons by the speakeasy method – meaning practical, interactive, learning, focused on the individual needs of the students. And we like to think the language teaching team all embody the speakeasy spirit, just like the rest of the team at speakeasy – this means being warm, open-minded and fun.

The language teaching team creates the exciting interactive learning environment that we believe gets the best results. It's their jobs to make sure all students get the most they can from their classes – and have a good time doing so!

Our teachers themselves come from different backgrounds and have extensive experience teaching adults from around the world. Most of the language teaching team have taught at speakeasy for a long time, so they really are vital to what makes the school just what it is.

The teachers introduce themselves

Teacher Team - Alina


Hello, my name is Alina. I like to teach languages. I was able to gain experience in this area during and after my studies (linguistics: communication, variation and multilingualism: German and English), teaching German and English as foreign languages. I have already learned how to work independently, in a structured and organised manner, and how to find the appropriate way to language acquisition for each participant. In my courses, I attach great importance to the fact that the participants not only acquire a very good knowledge of German, but that they also feel comfortable and have fun by learning. Because life is serious enough. :)

Dear participants, I look forward to seeing you in my courses! :)

Teacher Team - Nicola


It has always been crucially important in my life to work and deal with German language. After my studies of German Literature, Art and Media Science, I worked as a Dramaturg for several years in different theatres around Germany, such as Berlin and Saarbrücken. At speakeasy, I use my communication skills and enthusiasm for language to prepare you for the big stage we call ‘Berlin’. I look forward to getting to know you!

Teacher Team - Annika


Hi! My name is Annika. After studying German language and literature at uni and spending some time teaching abroad, I now live in Berlin. Since 2015, I have taught German in the speakeasy classrooms as well as at several companies. If you fancy not only learning about the present and past tense but also about cook books, German beer and discovering Berlin, just come down to speakeasy! I look forward to meeting you all!

Teacher Team - Yana


Hey! I'm Yana! I have been always very interested in Linguistics and this is what I studied at Humboldt University in Berlin. I like not only to teach Languages, but I also like to learn foreign languages myself. So if you want finally to speak German? Understand the difference between accusative and dative? Answer e-mails in German? Then come to my classes! With lots of practice, helpful tips and fun activities, I will help you to achieve your goal.

Teacher Team - Andreas


I studied German literature, politics and philosophy in Munich and Berlin. Since 2004 it has been my great pleasure to teach German as a foreign language. After working in India for 12 years, I returned to Berlin in April 2019. I really enjoy rediscovering this great city after all this time, even though I really do miss the delicious food and warm climate in India. Most of all, I enjoy teaching German as a foreign language to interesting people from all over the world.

Teacher Team - Isabella


After studying German Studies, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies as well as German as a Foreign Language in the former federal capital Bonn, I moved to Berlin, where I completed my master's degree in German Literature. I grew up with German and Polish as mother tongues and quickly discovered my love for English, Spanish, French and, most recently, Japanese. So you could say that I know what it's like to sit 'on the other side' of the classroom. Outside of class, I am fascinated by swing dance, kanji (calligraphy) and the harp.

Teacher Team - Jan


Hi! My name is Jan and I am a true Berliner. I studied Italian studies and Intercultural German Studies / German as a foreign language in Berlin and Göttingen and since April 2020 I have been teaching at speakeasy. I look forward to having many interesting interactions with you and sharing a lot of motivating learning experiences.

Teacher Team - Rebecca


Hello German-learners! I‘m Rebecca! Everyone is warmly welcomed on my courses just as I was welcomed at speakeasy Berlin in January 2020. I studied Spanish and German (literature / linguistics) in the historical city of Tübingen and have travelled as a teacher, translator and pedagogical assistant in bilingual schools in Stuttgart, Dénia, Málaga (Spain) and San Estanislao (Paraguay). I love immersing myself in the world of books and have worked in publishing houses (product management) and volunteered writing scripts, leading performances, acting and coaching both adults and young people. Speaking German with body and voice: those who change themselves change others! ;)

Teacher Team - Uli


Hello, I am Uli and have taught German as a Foreign Language since 2002. Since the middle of 2009 I have worked at speakeasy and mostly teach private lessons and conversation courses. I like to spend my free time with music and literature.

Teacher Team - Daria


Hello everyone! My name is Daria and I love languages. I studied German as a foreign language in Leipzig and Munich and have several years of teaching experience in the USA, Italy and Germany! Now I've landed at Speakeasy in Berlin and I'm looking forward to meeting my course participants! In my free time I like to play the piano, read and do sports.

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