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Learn more about the idea behind speakeasy language school Freidrichshain and what makes us different to other language schools.

speakeasy ethos – in other words, what we're all about

So what exactly is speakeasy? Well, you could say it's simply a place that is proud to do things a bit differently. After all, it was founded based on a new vision of what a language school should be.

At first it was certainly clear what it was not going to be: it was not going to be anything like the kind of drab, institutional place often associated with language learning. We wanted to steer clear of the old-fashioned teaching methods. We simply don't believe these get the best results!

At speakeasy language school Friedrichshain we believe in providing practical professional language learning that prepares you for real life. Learning should be exciting, and of course fun! This principle applies as much today as when the school was founded, in our German classes and in all the courses and services offered.

Providing modern language teaching is what we do at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain. To do this well it's important to have a welcoming atmosphere this way learning should even feel easy! At our school in the heart of Berlin, you'll find a warm, open-minded environment filled with Berlin charm, with classic furniture and works from local artists on the walls.

speakeasy method – our approach to language teaching

Setting students up for language use in the real world is understandably about providing as much practical experience as possible for every student. So at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain our classes are firmly rooted in interactive learning.

Our teaching method is based on the latest communicative language teaching methodologies. You can forget the kind of lessons you had at school which unfortunately put many people off studying languages later in life. Here, in contrast to the old didactic methods, student involvement is maximized and this even more so because we run small group classes only (max 12 participants).

Classes at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain all follow the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). As you work through each language level (A1, A2, B1 etc) you are naturally preparing for corresponding examinations of that level. And as an official telc examination centre, you can obtain language certifications recognized worldwide by employers and institutions right here at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain.

How we help you at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain

We believe in taking care of our students needs above all, in and outside of the classroom, and this principle has always been key in the development of the school.

Here are a few ways we make things easy for you at speakeasy language school Friedrichshain

  • We offer a range of affordable language courses.
  • You can choose a course type to suit your requirements and your schedule.
  • We charge no registration fees and there are no hidden costs! Check out our price list for more information.
  • We offer a range of other services including visa support, health insurance and accommodation.
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Speakeasy language school Friedrichshain

The school is located in the buzzing cultural centre of former East Berlin. Students from all over the world come to speakeasy language school Friedrichshain to immerse themselves in this vibrant part of the city that is so distinctively Berlin, blending old and new cultures from around the world in its new business scene, its art spaces, its shops and markets and its world famous nightlife.

The school is very much 'speakeasy language school Friedrichshain', as it is firmly rooted in this area and what it stands for open-minded, welcoming and progressive.

And being just a short trip by U-Bahn away from the central attractions in Berlin like Alexanderplatz and the Brandenburger Tor, it's little wonder this is such a popular part of Berlin to visit.

Do you have any questions about speakeasy language school Friedrichshain and what we offer?

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