Intensive German Courses - immersive, practical language learning!

speakeasy is open again for participants! You can now choose between two course formats which are independent of each other.

Quick facts about our Intensive German Course:

🎓︎ Dein Intensivkurs Deutsch | In kleiner Gruppe mit sehr viel Spaß

Course Format
Progress quickly thanks to lessons from Monday to Thursday – and then enjoy a nice long weekend to discover Berlin!

🎓︎ Dein Intensivkurs Deutsch | In kleiner Gruppe mit sehr viel Spaß

15 teaching hours per week – this is a great way to learn German quickly!

🎓︎ Dein Intensivkurs Deutsch | In kleiner Gruppe mit sehr viel Spaß

Course duration
Generally, every course runs for four weeks. You can book your courses individually or as a discounted package!

🎓︎ Dein Intensivkurs Deutsch | In kleiner Gruppe mit sehr viel Spaß

Flexible Start Time
9am, 12pm or 3pm – find the course that best suits your schedule!

🎓︎ Dein Intensivkurs Deutsch | In kleiner Gruppe mit sehr viel Spaß

Free Workshops
Join our free workshops and learn more about grammar, pronunciation, or everyday life in Germany! Check them out here.

In agreement with the Common European Framework for Languages, the courses at speakeasy are divided into the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. This structure helps you find the course that is right for you. In our intensive courses, each of these levels is further subdivided into part 1 and part 2 (e.g. A1.1 and A1.2). After completing your course, you will then move up to the next higher level (e.g. A2.1 and then A2.2).

Intensive German Courses Level

Are you eager to find out what you will cover in your course? Then why not have a look at our summary of course content!

New: Intensive courses at evening!

Our evening courses takes place twice per week for 90 minutes on each day. If you prefer to learn German intensively in the evening, we have exactly the right course for you! Join our evening intensive course from 6pm to 8.45pm from Mondays to Thursdays.

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Why take an Intensive German Course..?

When you’re determined to improve quickly in a certain language it is quite common to want to set aside a period where language learning will be your main focus.

Many people who come to Berlin need to improve their German quickly – whether for a job, studies or social reasons. Whatever the reason, they very often find that by immersing themselves in an Intensive German Course, they improve in leaps and bounds and really take their skills to the next level.

If this sounds like you then come and talk to us about one of our Intensive German Courses.

Speakeasy - Intensive German Courses in Berlin

speakeasy Berlin has built a strong reputation since 2011 helping students master the various complexities of the German language. German training is the mainstay of speakeasy’s work, so if you’re looking for Intensive German Courses, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are an absolute beginner or already pushing advanced level we have a course to help you. You can find out more about the content of your Intensive German Course in our handy summary.

Taking an Intensive German Course will make the language a much easier beast to tame. Because of the number of classes per week, the experience is quite immersive and you will quickly notice your language skills improving. Even at lower levels, for students on intensive German courses the language quickly feels less ‘foreign’ and it’s common to start thinking more naturally in the language – let German become a part of you!

A great value, efficient and flexible way to learn

Intensive German Courses at speakeasy ultimately offer a quick, efficient and above all fantastic value way to boost your language skills. You’ll take classes four days a week and cover 60 teaching hours per month that way. This means you can complete language levels A1, A2 or B1 in just two months per level. With our affordable prices, it’s no wonder this is such a popular option for so many of our students. Check out our Intensive course prices here!

Above all, our Intensive German Courses offer you flexibility. You can pick a course with lessons in the morning, midday or afternoon (depending on your level and availability of places). What’s more, the way our courses are structured, you can easily switch to an evening course, in case you want to slow down a bit!

Get started now

Our Intensive German Courses adhere to the Common European Framework language levels A1 (beginner level) through to C1 (advanced)

Our handy level summary describes the order in which our language courses should be taken. Find out which course follows your current one!

You know you want to learn German, but you wonder what the letters A, B and C mean? It’s simple: They tell you how advanced your knowledge of a foreign language already is. Generally, A means it’s the beginner level, B means it’s intermediate and C indicates the advanced level – but it’s a fluent passage between the levels. In accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we at speakeasy group our courses into these different levels.

Super-intensive courses and intensive courses

In our intensive courses with four appointments per week, we divide each level into the sublevels 1 and 2, e.g. A1.1 and A1.2. Then you continue with the next higher level, in our example it would be A2.1 and after this A2.2.

Intensive Courses Level

Find out which course level is right for you with our Language Placement Test.

If you want to see all our course prices, click here

Our extensive knowledgebase provides a lot more of additional information on topics surrounding your language course.

Intensive German Courses - key benefits:

  • The fast, efficient way to take your German to the next level
  • Master a language level (A1, A2 or B1) in just two months
  • A natural and immersive learning method, proven to get results
  • Courses run at different times of the day, choose what suits you best
  • Classes for Intensive Courses German are usually between 6-10 people. Small groups allow everyone to get the most practical experience from their language training
  • No registration fees – the price you see listed is the price you pay!

Our school in Berlin is the ideal location for Intensive German Courses – we believe it’s the perfect atmosphere for our teaching method and our rooms have warmth and character – just like our students! We pride ourselves on running a school that students actually enjoy hanging out in.
Click here for a virtual tour of the school

Our team of world-class teachers are here to ensure every student gets the most from their Intensive German Courses. The speakeasy method focuses on practical language learning to prepare students for using German in the real world.

Speaking of which, if you need help finding somewhere to stay in Berlin while you take your Intensive German Course at speakeasy, we can also help you find accommodation – from our own apartment to reliable hostels, we’ll find the best way to get you settled!


From Monday the 7th of June, Physical Courses can take place here in the school.
To participate in a physical course you either need a proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test (2 times a week), have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days, or have recovered from corona in the past 6-months.
We will continue to offer Online Courses.
Corona Test:
Here you can find the Declaration Form required to participate in our Physical Courses.
Free Bürgertests can also be done right next to the school:

Courses with physical attendance

For physical classes, please bring along a face mask. You will have to wear it all time. In addition to this, in our classrooms we have adjusted the seating order in a way that guarantees the minimum distance of 1,50m on every side. The amount of participants in the class depends on the classroom and varies between min. 4 and max. 14 persons. Thanks to this security measure you can take off your mask once you’re seated in the classroom! Please follow our hygiene concept during your stay at speakeasy.

We implemented the following new measures in the school:

  1. All doorhandles in the school have been outfitted with a special anti-germ foil. It helps reduce any lingering viruses or bacteria on contact surfaces with 99.98% efficiency.

  2. Each classroom will be equipped with an air filter. According to a recent study, air filters can help reduce the amount of the aerosol virus load by as much as 90% in a half hour. The air filters will be an addition to regularly opening the windows and ventilating the school.

  3. To keep the school heated despite ventilating at lower temperatures, we installed heat lamps in the classrooms.

Online courses

We continue to offer online courses which you can also sign up for online. The online courses take place in a virtual classroom. You will receive your log in details per email after your registration. Our online courses are available in different course formats: The Online Intensive course takes place on four days per week; the online evening course gives you two nights of lessons per week. True to our speakeasy motto, our online courses are just as interactive and focused on communication as our courses with physical attendance.

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Not sure of your level? You can test it here:

Language Placement Test
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