Intensive German courses in Berlin

Are you looking for a German language school in Berlin? Do you want to take an intensive German course in Berlin or perhaps prepare for a language exam? No matter what your purpose is, if it is related to learning German, our language school speakeasy has the right offer for you.

Intensive German course in Berlin – the world on the doorstep

Located in the trendy district of Friedrichshain, our language school is surrounded by urban Berlin life. Countless cafés, bars, clubs and green areas invite you to use the language skills from your intensive German course in Berlin in authentic situations. Our practice-oriented and true to life intensive German courses in Berlin are the ideal start for integrating German into your daily life. For in our courses, you will learn a German suitable for everyday life. Language is communication; therefore, it is the biggest goal of our German language school to enable you to communicate effectively in German.

speakeasy- the language school for you

At our language school we hold the belief that learning is easier in a friendly atmosphere. Therefore, you will not find old-fashioned classrooms in our language school but modern, cozy classrooms. Our teaching slogan: Learning is easier if it is fun. Thus, we put great emphasis on offering you interesting classes where you can express and show your personality, knowledge and experiences.

Our teachers are native speakers who love their job and always have an open ear for you. Our language school puts you in the center of attention – our teachers are always open for your questions or suggestions. Our intensive German courses in Berlin have an average number of 8-10 students per class. This ensures that your teacher has enough time to cater for your individual needs.

Wide range of courses at speakeasy

As a German language school, we offer a variety of course formats for German classes of all levels. Our intensive German course in Berlin is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). For example, if you take the B1 intensive German course in Berlin at speakeasy, you are equipped to undertake a language exam like the telc test at B1 level, which you can also conveniently do at our language school. Our German courses take place between 9 am and 9 pm so even if you are very busy, you will be able to find a suitable time slot to come learn German. We offer the following courses:

Intensive German course:

Our intensive German courses in Berlin take place on three timeslots a day from Monday to Thursday, so you need just book whichever of the intensive German courses in Berlin fits your schedule best. With 15 teaching hours per week, you’ll have enough time to practice your German in class. By taking our intensive German course in Berlin, you can complete the levels A1, A2 and B1 in just two months each whilst having fun. The B2 level can be completed in a further 3 months, and C1 level with an additional 4 months on top of that. You have now achieved the standard of German required for studying at a German university.

Super intensive German course:

If you want to learn German even faster, our super intensive German course in Berlin is an alternative option. From Monday to Thursday you will have your intensive German course in Berlin with an average class size of 8-10 students. On Friday, you’ll have a further conversation course where you can practice your new German skills. With a total of 18 teaching hours per week, our super intensive German course in Berlin also meets the requirements for a language visa.

Evening course:

The evening courses at our language school are the perfect option if you are prevented from taking German classes during the day. Our evening courses feature 2 sessions of 90 minutes per week so that you can maintain a steady rate of learning. The evening courses take place on Monday/Wednesday or on Tuesday/Thursday from either 6pm to 7.30pm or from 7.45pm to 9.15pm. It should be noted that successfully completing a language level taking evening courses takes double the time needed when compared to our intensive German course in Berlin.

Conversation course:

The name says it, the conversation courses at our language school are all about communication. Here, you practice the use of your German abilities to improve your communication skills. In conversations with students of your language level, you practice having conversations about topics of daily life, culture, politics and much more. By speaking on a regular basis, you’ll consolidate your German skills whilst overcoming potential inhibitions when speaking. Our conversation courses take place on Fridays.

Private lessons:

If you want to take private lessons at our language school, we would be happy to help you with this. In coordination with your teacher, you decide when to take your private lessons making it easy to fit them into your schedule. Another advantage is that it’s just your teacher and you, so your private lessons are designed according to your specific needs.

Whether it’s an intensive German course in Berlin or private lessons – our language school in the heart of Berlin offers you everything you need for learning German. If you want to improve your German, taking a language course at speakeasy is the perfect thing to do. We are always happy to help you by phone or mail should you have any questions, or you can stop by in our language school and we have a little chat in our stylish school.

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The speakeasy Method

Conversation-based and with exactly the right mix of theory and practise – this is how you learn German for the real world in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich!

Great Learning Group Sizes

Our small groups average 8 to 10 students (min 4; max -depending on classroom- 12 or 14) so you’ll have lots of one-on-one time with your teacher.

Live-Teacher Online Tutoring

Missed a class or didn’t understand a topic? No problem! We offer online tutoring sessions with a real teacher for free to current students.

Speakeasy Events & Community

Events, an online community, and regular outings to local bars & museums make finding friends and language practice partners easy!

Free Workshops & Seminars

Attend regular free-of-charge workshops to help refine your German grammar or aid you in settling into life in Germany.

Speakeasy Library

Online and available 24/7 – in our library, you can find information on your course, homework, and additional material!

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