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What is the telc exam A2?

The telc exam A2 is an exam for all people who have done between 250-300 hours of German either in a classroom or through independent study.

What knowledge do I have at A2 level?

The days of being a total beginner are over! With the German language telc exam A2 you can already consider yourself an advanced beginner. You are able to understand sentences and frequently used phrases which refer to yourself or your closer environment (e.g. family or work). You can communicate in everyday situations and have short conversations about familiar and popular topics. At the level telc A2 you can talk in simple sentences about your personal background and you can also describe your direct environment and your concrete needs in a situation. You can generally use simple grammatical structures correctly. It doesn’t matter that you sometimes make mistakes because exchanging information successfully is what’s most important!

How much does the telc exam A2 cost?

Please check in with us via e-mail to find out more about the fee for an individual exam.
Please note that exam registration is only possible until 13pm on the Thursday 2 weeks prior to your A2 exam. For example, if your exam is on a Friday, then the deadline to register is 15 days before your exam; if your exam is on a Saturday, then the deadline to register is 16 days before your exam.

telc exam A2 - Book your individual examination

We only offer the telc exam A2 as an individual exam. Both the written and oral exam take place on the same day – and is always on a Friday. Email to find out more and for available exam dates and prices.

How can I prepare for the A2 exam?

The speakeasy intensive courses already cover all the important content you need to know for your exam. Our preparatory courses offer an additional exam preparation aimed at the exam format and exam strategies. If you prefer, this can also be booked as private tuition. Find out here if we offer a preparatory course for your level!

You can find a mock exam here:

How is the telc exam A2 structured?

The A2 exam has two parts: a written part and an oral part. In the written part, your reading and listening comprehension as well as your writing are assessed. This part of the exam takes 70 minutes. The oral part focusses on your speaking. The exam format does not include preparation time for the oral exam. You can take the oral exam on the same day as the written part.

A2 written part
Listening Comprehension
Reading and Writing
Oral Part
usually together with another participant

Take your telc A2 exam at speakeasy! Your advantages at a glance:

  • speakeasy is a licensed examination center
  • automatic sending of your results by email
  • both parts of the telc A2 exam (oral and written) on one day
  • individual exam preparation possible
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