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Learning German is now still easier with speakeasy!

speakeasy knows no borders anymore – with us, you can learn German online and participate in your course live online! This is why it does not make any difference anymore where you live, you can join from anywhere and everywhere. Our German online course is a great opportunity to get prepared for university or your job in Germany, even if you are not yet in Germany. (And if you are: Try our German courses with physical attendance at our schools in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich!)
Do you want to try our German online course? Then find out more below!

Learn German online now

Of course, your German online course follows the CEFR so you can be sure to learn everything you need for your level. One of our experienced speakeasy teachers will explain vocabulary and grammar live and in a structured way. All you need to learn German online is a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone – simply log into your German online course and you can start to learn German online! In this virtual classroom, you will benefit from your teacher’s expertise who will unravel the mysteries of the German language piece by piece for you, supported by exercises from your coursebook and workbook as well as by other interesting lesson material. The best part is that your speakeasy teacher teaches the German online course live – this way, you have the chance to ask questions anytime during the lesson. True to speakeasy’s motto we make it fun to learn German online and give you the chance to experiment with the new language.

Interactive virtual classrooms

You will meet class mates from around the world in your virtual classroom. Thanks to the interactive lessons of your German online course you will meet new people online. You can learn German online with a partner and you can do exercises together. You can even talk to each other in German in your German online course! The speakeasy chat is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates after your lesson.

The speakeasy German online course takes the advantages of the traditional group course to the next level: to learn German online does not equal a boring teacher-centred approach. Instead, you will train all the important competencies like vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, and speaking in an interactive virtual classroom that is the foundation of your German online course. Your great advantage is that you do not have to come to class in person anymore but can get comfy and learn German online from home! It is not important anymore if your home is in Berlin, Istanbul, Syndey, New York or Hong Kong!

Learn German online – find the right course for yourself

Your German online course is available in different intensities – just choose between intensive and evening courses and learn German online! Additionally, we also offer conversation classes on Fridays which you can use to polish your spoken German. Choose the model that suits you best to learn German online!

If you are not quite sure which level of the German online course is the right one for you, why not try our placement test. The test recommends which level you should sign up for. In the next step, simply select which German online course fits your schedule best and decide when you want to start to learn German online.

Here are the benefits of your German online course at a glance:

  • learn German online from home
  • accessible worldwide
  • experienced teachers – live from Berlin!
  • great additional offers
  • follows the CEFR

You can find the prices for our courses in our price chart.
Would you like to learn German online or attend a group course but still have some questions? Then check out our FAQ!

Why learn German
with speakeasy?

The speakeasy Method

Conversation-based and with exactly the right mix of theory and practise – this is how you learn German for the real world in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich!

Great Learning Group Sizes

Our small groups average 8 to 10 students (min 4; max -depending on classroom- 12 or 14) so you’ll have lots of one-on-one time with your teacher.

Live-Teacher Online Tutoring

Missed a class or didn’t understand a topic? No problem! We offer online tutoring sessions with a real teacher for free to current students.

Speakeasy Events & Community

Events, an online community, and regular outings to local bars & museums make finding friends and language practice partners easy!

Free Workshops & Seminars

Attend regular free-of-charge workshops to help refine your German grammar or aid you in settling into life in Germany.

Speakeasy Library

Online and available 24/7 – in our library, you can find information on your course, homework, and additional material!

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