Preparatory courses for your telc exam

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A telc exam is an excellent way to prove your language level. telc certificates are recognised by German authorities and universities. Employers also appreciate an official certificate which documents your knowledge of German.

Have you already registered for a telc exam or are you thinking about doing so? Are you wondering what to expect in your exam? Then you are exactly right here at speakeasy because additional to regular German courses we also offer preparatory courses for telc exams!

Specific exam preparation

All the language courses at speakeasy โ€“ intensive courses as well as evening courses โ€“ follow the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The CEFR outlines the specific skills a person should have at each language level including listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking. This means that our regular German courses cover all the important content which you need to know for your telc exam.

So why a preparatory course? The answer is simple: specific exam preparation increases your chances to pass the exam and reduces your exam anxiety at the same time.

In the exam preparatory course, you will cover not only content, but also the exam format and exam strategies. This way, you can combine your knowledge of form and content perfectly and make the best out of your exam! You will also take mock exams, giving you a chance to practise and discuss them thoroughly.

In our preparatory courses

  • we discuss the exam format
  • we talk about content and the exam structure
  • we train exam strategies
  • we practise with different mock exams and discuss them thoroughly.

Book your preparatory course now and benefit from focused exam preparation. Please note that the preparatory course is an additional offer โ€“ it does not replace your regular German course.

If our preparatory course doesnโ€™t fit into your schedule, private lessons are another great way to prepare for your telc exam. Private lessons are tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus on specific skills and get individual feedback. For more details on private classes, you can inquire at our front office or have a look here.

We offer preparatory courses for the following levels:

  • 1
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