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For German training tailored to your needs and your schedule check out our Private lessons German

One to one private classes

One to one private classes are a popular option in language learning and one that Speakeasy is proud to offer as an alternative to group classes. With private lessons German courses can be tailored uniquely to the needs of the individual -it’s about you and you only!

With no fixed schedule, the private lessons German can be arranged on an ad hoc basis – in other words you will agree the schedule with your tutor. Enjoy the ultimate level of flexibility, as the teachers can work around your diary to ensure classes are always at the most suitable times just for you. (We do recommend a minimum of two teaching units per week, to ensure a good progression of learning. But otherwise you can enjoy the flexibility to speed up or slow down depending on how it’s going for you!)

If this sounds right up your street, do speak to us about what we can offer for private lessons German.

Private Lessons German at speakeasy

Speakeasy has built a reputation for its high level of German language training since its founding in 2011. Our world-class team of trainers is on hand to provide private lessons German, as well as group classes. One to one training can be provided for students at all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) – come talk to us about setting up the right German course for you.

With private lessons German language training can be geared to a student’s specific requirements – this is often the reason students opt for this route. Perhaps your job requires you to have a certain level of German… Or maybe you have a particular exam coming up that you need to pass in order to proceed with your studies. The best thing with private lessons German is that you can focus on your own personal challenges. These might be grammatical topics, areas of vocabulary or particular language skills – in other words, writing, reading, speaking or listening.

For students taking private lessons German learning is often the most immersive experience for them while they are in the lessons. In a one to one class there is absolutely no option to be distracted – the teacher is there exclusively for you and will make sure that you get the most out of your lesson! And with the Speakeasy method focusing on the practical aspects of language learning, students often find private lessons German offer an ideal way to prepare them for the outside world.

Simple pricing and payment options

With Private lessons German, as well as all our other classes, we offer a simple, no-nonsense pricing structure. And you will find there are no hidden costs – all you have to pay for is your actual course and your books.

You can book single lessons of 45 minutes each or get a reduced 10-lesson-package. For more details, have a loot at our price list!

Talk to us about how you want to plan your course and pay for it – we will always do our best to find the right solution for you!

Key benefits of Private Lessons German:

  • Courses are totally geared to the individual student’s needs
  • Schedule lessons whenever it suits you
  • Master a language level (A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1) at your own pace
  • You are the class! Enjoy your tutor’s undivided attention!
  • No hidden costs!

Our school in Berlin provides a warm relaxed atmosphere for taking private lessons German. As the name suggests, you will find it an easy place to settle into your one to one course!

Find out which course level is right for you with our Language Placement Test.


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A1 - C2

30€ - 35€ / Lesson
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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German private classes
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