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Do you want to take a German class to improve your German? Are you looking to prepare specifically for a language exam such as the telc test? If so, speakeasy is the perfect place for you! Located in the center of Berlin, you can take your German class in Berlin whilst simultaneously falling in love with the city around you.

German course in Berlin – have a flying start with speakeasy

The broad selection of courses at speakeasy satisfies all needs. In our intensive German course in Berlin you learn German 4 days a week. Your class provides a comfortable atmosphere with an average group size of just 8-10 students per class. This guarantees for happy students who enjoy their quick learning progression.

Aside from our intensive German course in Berlin, we also offer evening courses, conversation courses, exam preparation and private lessons. Our evening course are the perfect option if you cannot attend a German course in Berlin during the day as a result of work or university studies. Another course worth considering is our conversation course, which like the name would suggest, is all about talking. It is the perfect opportunity to use the skills that you have acquired in your German Course in Berlin. You will also find that a broad variety of topics, from politics to culture and sports, are explored in these sessions to really strengthen the student’s vocabulary ranges.

If you should enroll on our exam preparation courses, then a language exam like the telc test is nothing to be feared. Here at speakeasy you will learn the best skills and strategies to enable you to face any telc exam.

In private lessons, you are the center of attention. Whether you want to work on your grammar, vocabulary or conversation skills, you decide what is covered in class. Whatever your preferences are with regards to time and contents, speakeasy can offer you the right course.

German course in Berlin with speakeasy

All our German courses in Berlin are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers are, as native speakers, familiar with every intricacy of German. They all share a passion for German that transforms into a productive learning climate for your German Course in Berlin. Our name speaks for itself: we are convinced that learning is much easier in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Each German course in Berlin with us will give you an authentic and practice orientated German experience, ready to be used in real life situations such as meeting friends or buying groceries. Your teacher will show you how much fun it is to take a German course in Berlin.

Taking the telc test with speakeasy

As provider of the telc test, which is acknowledged by both public and private institutions, the telc gGmbh is one of the leading providers of language exams in Europe. Speakeasy is a certified test center for taking the telc test, which means it is possible to take the telc test at various levels at our school.

telc test with speakeasy – which exam is the right one for me?

The telc test, same as our German courses in Berlin, is based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This framework describes which language skills a learner should be able to demonstrate at a given level. It includes can-do-statements for the relevant reading, listening, speaking and writing skills for each language level. The level of the telc test that you take will depend on what you are looking to gain from learning German. For example, if you want to study at university in Germany, you will need the level C1 – the achievement of which you can prove by taking the telc test telc C1 Hochschule at speakeasy.

The procedure of a telc test at speakeasy

All telc test consists of a written and an oral section. The written part tests your reading and listening comprehension as well as your writing skills, whilst the oral part scrutinizes your speaking skills. At speakeasy, both parts of the exam happen on the same day. This means you only need to schedule one day for your telc test. You can also just take one part of the exam, if you have already passed the other part on another occasion. When taking only one part of the exam, be sure to bring your participant number from your previous telc test. This is required so that your previous result can be counted for credit by the telc gGmbH.

Preparation for the telc test with speakeasy

In your German course in Berlin, you will acquire all German competences necessary for successfully taking the telc test of the corresponding level. In case you want to put in some extra effort and prepare specifically for a telc test, have a look at our exam preparation courses. At the end of the course you will be familiar with the structure and formats of the telc test. You will also learn about helpful tips and strategies for passing your telc test.

German Course in Berlin and taking the telc test at speakeasy

Whatever your preferences are, there is a perfect option for you here at speakeasy. Whether you want to take a German course in Berlin, to prepare for a telc test or even to take a telc test, speakeasy can make that happen. Check out our website for more information about our German course in Berlin, the telc test and many other topics. You can also just stop by in person and we will be happy to advise you. See you soon at speakeasy!

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Our small groups average 8 to 10 students (min 4; max -depending on classroom- 12 or 14) so you’ll have lots of one-on-one time with your teacher.

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