Free Events and Workshops

As a registered participant in one of your group courses, you benefit from a whole bunch of free and interesting extras. Let us present these extras to you in more detail:

1. The Grammar workshop

Our workshops are a real treat: Every course month, we give you the opportunity to expand your grammatical knowledge.
Hand-picked speakeasy teachers will show you how to successfully avoid the common mistakes of German grammar. The workshops take place online so you can take part from anywhere. There will be a variety of topics for every session – simply choose the topic that you find most interesting! Our workshops might focus on adjective declension, the passive voice, relative clauses and many more tricky topics. Just like our courses, the workshops contain the special speakeasy mix of well-grounded explanations and interactive exercises. This way, you can practise with confidence what you have just learnt in class.

Our grammar workshops always take place in the second course week. A summary of all topics will be available online beforehand. With just a few clicks, you can register and will receive your log in details by email.

2. Thematic workshops

We present hands-on advice for your life in Berlin in our expert lectures. We hold our lectures in English to make sure that all participants, no matter what their German level, can benefit. In presentations such as “How to find a flat in Berlin?” or “How to find a job in Berlin?” you will get lots of tips to make your transition into this great city so much easier.

Wait, we haven’t finished: We know that many of our participants plan to study in Germany. This is why one of our expert lectures, we explain how you can apply for a German university.

Another one of our great workshops focusses on working as a freelancer in Berlin – this one is perfect for all our participants who consider doing so!

How to find
a flat
in Germany?
  • How do I apply for a flat?
  • The registration
  • Must-Know facts about rental contracts
How to find
a job
in Germany?
  • Job categories
  • How to write a CV in Germany
  • Expectations at the workplace
How to apply
for university
for Germany?
  • Different types of universities
  • The admission
  • Is education really free?
much more!
. . .

speakeasy Berlin – More than just a language school

speakeasy wohlfühlen

At speakeasy, you can learn German in a comfortable living room atmosphere – but that’s far from all! We are not just a language school but also a perfect place to meet new people.

Our community room – be it online or in the school – offers plenty of opportunities to chat to your peers after class. New country, new city, new language – many of you are in the same boat and we do our best here at speakeasy to steer it in a pleasant direction!

This is why we offer great events on a regular basis. Here you can get to know Berlin together with other people and meet other speakeasy participants.

3. The regulars’ table

Is there anything better than to round off the day with a drink in your hand and a group of nice people around you? We carry on the long tradition of the speakeasy regulars’ table:

On Wednesday of the second course week, we regularly reserve a table in one of the trendy bars or pubs in Friedrichshain – and we look forward to spending time with you outside of the classroom!

What we love most about the regulars’ table is the international group of people: Meeting students from all over the world and hearing your stories! The speakeasy regulars’ table is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and to catch up with friends. Of course, it is also the perfect chance to practise your spoken German.
But don’t worry: Every language is welcome here!

speakeasy Stammtisch

4. The surprise

Once a month, we have something special planned for you: This can be a visit to an art gallery or a tour through our neighbourhood.
Get to know Berlin off the beaten track and let us surprise you every month with some hidden gems!

Our surprise event takes place on every Friday in the first course week. If you want to participate, simply write your name on the list at the school or sign up online. This is also very easy: We will send you an email with important information about your course shortly before it starts. In this email we will also present the surprise event of the month! Just click on the link to register.

Trip to
East Side Gallery
  • Learn more about the Wall
  • Marvel at the unique mix of art and history
  • Enjoy a cool drink directly at the Spree
at speakeasy
  • speakeasy students exhibiting their own art
  • Meet the artists in person
  • Enjoy music and drinks
  • Discover the art of making beer
  • Learn more about the production process
  • Last but not least: The tasting!
much more!
. . .

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