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Tests and examinations may not always be our favourite things in the world, but of course they’re very often a vital part of any kind of studying – German language examinations being no exception. Many of the students at speakeasy require a formal assessment of their language skills. These days it is not at all unusual for employers to require proof that you’ve passed particular language examinations before they give you a job. It can be just as important if you’re working on getting admission into a German university – they very often require language certificates.

Either way, it’s of course very important that we help you with this however we can. People quite often see language learning as a real drain of time, money and stress… But at speakeasy we really aim to do everything we can to ensure that this is not the case! We don’t want you to let the pressure of language examinations get to you and above all we don’t believe you should be spending loads on specific exam preparation courses for your telc exams berlin. So we want to assure you that, when you’re training at speakeasy, exams are not something you need to worry about!

telc test at speakeasy Berlin

If you’re learning with us at speakeasy, you may not need or want to take language examinations, but if you do, it is really important to us that the experience is not overly stressful for you and above all that you are not panicking with last minute preparations.

Here are the key reasons why at Speakeasy, your language examinations are hopefully not going to be a problem…

  • Our regular language courses are all geared to the European framework of language levels – this means that, as they progress, our classes will always naturally be helping you prepare for the corresponding TELC language examinations (levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).
  • We have world-class trainers at speakeasy who are also telc examiners, so you can be sure to receive the support you need to prepare for your language examinations. Our trainers can give you the practice you need via mock exams and they will take you through key exam techniques in order to help you get the best possible results.
  • You may also want to take some additional lessons to focus on your own particular development areas before starting your telc exam. If so we can offer one to one telc exams berlin classes specifically for this purpose.

telc exams Berlin – the European language examinations provider

For students taking any kind of language examinations the point is that it’s about providing yourself with a certificate that is recognized worldwide, something that can open doors for you: at work, at university or in everyday life… So of course it’s important to have a language examinations certificate that’s really worth getting! telc stands for The European Language Certificates. As the name suggests, they are widely considered to be ‘the’ certificates to have when it comes to language examinations. The not-for-profit organisation telc GmbH has established itself over 45 years, with over 3,000 telc licensed partners in over 20 countries and more than 12,000 licensed examiners in Europe. Apart from having been around a long time, telc exams berlin is also known for keeping up with the times - updating test formats and evaluation techniques and using the latest technology to assure the quality of the telc certificates.

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Language examinations details and how to book

Each exam consists of a written and a spoken component, with the written component covering reading, writing and listening skills. We offer telc exams Berlin for German at all levels from A1 to C1. Please note that you need to register by 13pm on the Thursday 2 weeks before the respective examination date.

For an overview of the examination fees & dates please click on the appropriate level below.

Your advantages of a telc exam at speakeasy:

  • Practical package of preparatory course and exam
  • Preparation for your telc exam Berlin in the online course
  • speakeasy is the competence center for telc C1 Hochschule
  • All exam levels: A1 to C1 and C1 Hochschule
  • both parts of the exam on one day
  • Partial exams are also possible
  • automatic sending of the results by email

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