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Language Visa
Language Visa

We know that applying for a language visa and immigrating is an exciting and challenging process that requires your preparation and dedication. With our language schools in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, we have years of experience of advising students on topics such as language courses, accommodation, and different visa options and requirements.

When you book your visa language course and purchase your enrolment letter with speakeasy, you will directly have access to all the benefits of our Visa Support Service package.

The speakeasy Visa Support Service package includes:

Quick preparation of visa-eligible enrolment letter
After paying the Enrolment letter fee, you will receive your enrolment letter in up to 3 business days
Free-of-charge essential visa application support
We provide resources and tips to help you successfully complete the visa application on your own
Solutions for supplementary visa requirements
Utilize our help to easily book your health insurance, open your blocked bank account and more
Comprehensive Relocation Assistance Services
We offer accommodation support and free-of-charge workshops to help you settle in Berlin

There are multiple visas which allow you to study the German language in Germany.

As a first step below we describe the various visa types to help you determine the correct visa for your stay.

As a second step, select your nationality using the drop-down list at the bottom of the page and immediately discover how to book your visa course and apply for your visa.

Select your nationality and discover the next steps to apply for your visa!

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